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1          I don’t speak French well enough.

2          I get mixed up with the money.  Will my pension, which is in sterling, get devalued in euros?

3         Our house is in rural France and there isn’t a bus service so we need a car even to get to the boulangerie and I don’t drive.

4         When we get decrepit and really old we’ll have to decide whether to move into town in France or come back to UK.  The latter will be very expensive.

5          There are no decent takeaways, only pizza places and they can be very, very expensive.

6          There is only one Indian restaurant that we have found and it’s DREADFUL.  Food not very good, service appalling.  One visit was more than enough.

7         Tradesmen can be expensive and difficult.  (There will be a later post in full detail.)

8         The banks won’t let you go into the red.  This can be tricky!

9         It can be difficult to get some English type foodstuffs eg Marmite, red lentils etc.  It’s easy in the Pas de Calais area because there’s a Tesco and a Sainsburys but if you live, as we do, in a totally French area then it’s much more difficult.

10       I miss Cheddar cheese and double Gloucester.



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