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Hello world!

We bought a house in France several years ago. We had a semi-detatched house in a northern UK city, very close to the University but it was rented to students because we actually were living in a Vicarage somewhere else.

Our daughter who is lives in France encouraged us and the other daughter, who has a good business head, reckoned house prices in France were really low compared to UK so we did it.

We do eventually want to retire to France. Our eldest daughter has lived there for 20 years now and we have 2 lovely French grandchildren. We like the life etc etc and so on.

During the next summer holiday in France we hired a gite and looked around and the upshot was we came home at the end of the holiday the proud owners of a 6 bedroomed, modern house WITH MAINS DRAINS!!!!!

If you haven’t experienced life in rural France you may not appreciate that last remark.

Most of this blog will probably finish up being photo albums so I’d better get going.